Friday, 20 June 2014

LOVE Your Water! Shared writing by Room 15...

Saskia and Sam visited us on Friday last week. They were from Sustainable Coastlines. They taught us to Love Our Water!

They told us about how water gets very very sick. Sick water can kill animals in the sea and rivers. Also if the water is sick it is not safe for us to swim in or collect kaimoana from.
There are lots of ways the water can get sick. It gets sediment in it which happens when it rains, the rain picks up the dirt and washes it in to the rivers. Rubbish also gets in to the water which makes it sick too. Animals can make the water sick by the poos and wees that go into the rivers. Cows can also push the mud in to the water when they are trying to get out which makes more sediment. When people wash their cars on the concrete the yucky stuff from the cars gets washed down the drains and ends up in the harbour. Chemicals from sprays that people use on fruit trees also ends up in our water and makes it sick.

Things we can do to help keep our water safe are:
  • Don't feed the ducks - because they poo in the water
  • Wash our cars on the grass
  • Eat organic food
  • Plant trees around the water to stop animals going in the rivers and their waste going in the water too. The trees also help to stop the yucky stuff and sediment from going into the rivers.

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